5 Out of the Box Ideas for 3 Bed Bunk Bed

4 bed bunk bed

3 bed bunk bed can be a great idea to accommodate three kids in one bedroom. However, a little creativity will do delightful treat of preventing quarrel during bed time from them. Do you want to know how to prevent it? You should adopt one of these ideas.

3 bed bunk bed

Bed in the Hole

You are not digging a literal hole for them. You will have 3 person bunk bed and each of the beds will be covered with frame with big hole on one side as the entrance. This will create the feeling of personal hole for your kids. They will like the idea of sleeping together, and appreciate the privacy each of them has.

Shifting Design

3 way bunk bed is also a great idea. It doesn’t have to be in a column. Instead, you can try bed 1 and 3 on the same position, and bed 2 in cutting position of the other beds. This create space for each of them and this is an ideal design due to privacy they can have in their bed.

3 person bunk bed

Personal Apartment

This idea underlines that your kids can have their own space in bunk bed. You can custom made the bed and make it looks like small apartment with sliding doors as bed entrance on each bed and personal light fixture. Your kid can close their door when they need to be alone. It makes a nice idea for both boys and girls.

Frame and Curtains

Be creative on the bed frame. Create something special from things they like. Then, complete the frame with curtains so each of your kid still can talk to each other, but they can close their curtain when they need to. This idea is not only effective and functional but fun as well.

4 bed bunk bed

Sleeping Capsules

This is actually just a little creativity on bed design and cover. Let them have comfortable sleeping space with semi glass sliding door as in capsules. Give enough circulation entrée to keep it safe. These beds are perfect for boys. It looks futuristic and fun, but it has enough room and space for each kid.

Those ideas are perfect. They help you solving room problem by giving bunk bed options and they help you reach other level too, your kids can have their privacy. This will leave the house in comfort and less noisy, especially on bed time. You can apply the same ideas for 4 bed bunk bed.

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