All about 42-inch Kitchen Cabinets You must Know

3 inch kitchen cabinet pulls

42 inch kitchen cabinets offer you more storages options. These tall cabinets are perfect for you who have a kitchen with high ceiling. Cabinets come in different height. You can choose one in 30, 36, or 42 inches. Choosing kitchen cabinets in 42-inch height will give you some advantages and disadvantages. That’s why it is important for you to find out about the pros and cons first before you replace your old kitchen cabinets with 42 kitchen cabinets.

3 inch kitchen cabinet pulls

The pros and cons of 42-inch kitchen cabinets

As it is stated before this kitchen cabinets have more storage than the shorter ones. In consequence, you can make your kitchen looks more organized. You can use it to store more foods, spices, and tableware. With this type of kitchen cabinet, you can have fewer cabinets in your kitchen. Therefore, you will have more free space in your kitchen. For you who have a small kitchen with high ceiling, it is a perfect option for you.

On the other hand, this tall kitchen cabinet is not friendly to shorter homeowners. The top shelf may be a little hard to reach for shorter people. However, it is not something that cannot be solved. You can purchase a step stool to reach the top shelf. Another thing you can do is use the top shelf for storing something that you do not use very often. You can also choose ones with glass doors so that you can use the top shelf to display your china collection or other beautiful ornaments.

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Choosing the right kitchen cabinet material

When you are shopping for 42-inch kitchen cabinets, you must make sure that you choose the right material. There are many choices of cabinet material you can choose. One of the most popular kitchen cabinet materials is wood veneer. It looks elegant and luxurious. It is also available in choices of wood species and finishes. Some of the wood species you can choose are oak, cherry, maple, and hickory. Cherry is hard but oak, maple, and hickory are very hard.

Other choices of cabinet materials you can choose are melamine, laminate, and thermofoil. Laminate kitchen cabinets are available in various colors and patterns. Melamine and thermofoil are easy to clean. Melamine is durable and resists fading, chipping, and stain. Meanwhile, thermofoil will fade overtime if it is exposed to heat. Aside from choosing the material of 42 kitchen cabinets, you must also consider the door design and finishes.

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