Applying Shaker Cabinets Kitchen for Functional Design

shaker style white kitchen cabinets

Do you consider applying shaker cabinets kitchen to enhance your simple kitchen design? Do you try to make your kitchen look both classic and functional with such shaker cabinets? From among many cabinet designs, shakers are the most particular for many reasons. Shakers cabinet accommodates almost every aspect of simple kitchen designs. Not to mention, the look of shaker cabinet doors are designed in such way to preserve classic and vintage style. In the same time they also serve the quality of clean simple and straight style and maintenance. Furthermore, shaker cabinets are flexibly applied within kitchen with various spaces and various design choice. You can work out shakers cabinet within large scale space or limited space with considerably similar design effect. You can also apply shaker cabinets within simple kitchen, outdoor kitchen, luxury kitchen as well as antique kitchen. Such quality makes shaker cabinet preferable for many designers.

shaker cabinets kitchen designs

Consideration on using shaker cabinets

            Shaker cabinets are more favored in contemporary kitchen design for several cabinet qualities. Firstly, shaker design easily blends with other design. You can work on shaker cabinet with many color and material choice. Shaker doors, not to mention, can employ woods, laminate or rustic according to design budget and design themes. This quality also serves you with the benefits of flexibility in kitchen design. You can work on shaker cabinets for antique design by employing whitewashed wood or synthetic laminate. Similarly, you can mix it with simple or luxury design. Second, shaker cabinets are long-lasting. It is not the matter of material choice or color scheme, but rather the unique mechanism of shaker kitchen cabinet doors design is strong and firm. While other cabinet doors are adjoint with glue, shaker doors are adjoint with traditional joints that make it durable. Lastly, shaker cabinets enhance your kitchen decoration. Its straight and simple design with panel doors is traditionally unique and particularly contributive to your existing interior design.

shaker kitchen cabinets white

Shaker cabinet designs and styles

            Shaker cabinets are available in many style and design, including doors and handling materials and door colors. Especially for shaker door style, its handling is very essential. Handlings of shaker cabinets door are from various hardware, such as traditional nickel, vintage steel,vintage glass and vintage pulls. In other hand you can choose shaker doors style among knobs and pulls in many models and from many different materials. For further ideas, you can refer to and to get more reviews on shaker door style.

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