Baltic Brown Granite : Gorgeous and Warm Kitchen Tips

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Considering baltic brown granite countertop could be the best decision for you who want to build gorgeous and warm kitchen. However, you cannot just build the kitchen. There are some details and tips you have to pay attention to make sure you get the kitchen like you want in the right budget you are planning.

Considering the minor and major installations

Before considering anything for the countertops, you first have to pay attention on the major and minor installation of the kitchen.The major installation and structure would determine the dimension of your kitchen. In this case you have to consider the size of the kitchen and your family lifestyle. To make sure the dimension of the kitchen support your family lifestyle.

For the minor installation, you have to consider the main theme for the kitchen. The Baltic brown granite that you are going to install for the countertops would create luxurious look. If you want to stress the luxurious look, you can combine warm color like brown and natural wooden color for the furniture. But, if you want to create bright and gorgeous kitchen you can consider to build a white kitchen with natural sand color backsplash that echoes the color of the granite countertops. Some golden touch for the handle of cabinets, door, and windows would make your bright kitchen more gorgeous.

Budget plans

Another important thing you have to really pay attention before building the kitchen is the budget planning. Baltic brown is a sophisticated and classic granite. There are various kind of price rate you can pick, take for example you can pick $30 up to $60 per square foot Baltic granite for the countertops for the cheapest idea. But, if you want to have large slab for the countertops let’s say for the kitchen island surface or cooktop, you have to spend at least $200 up to $400 for a slab of kitchen island. If you need a customized Baltic granite design for the countertops or even your breakfast bar with unique or longer shape, you might have to plan up to $750 for the granite budget.

Besides the budget for the Baltic granite, you also have to calculate the budget for the backsplash tiles, the furniture, every minor installation like the built-in cabinet, racks, sink, and the kitchen island. To get a perfect kitchen, does not mean that you have to spend all of your money on the project. You can lower the budget by picking natural color and material for a perfect warm and gorgeous kitchen that go with baltic brown granite countertops.

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