Blue and White Kitchen Designing Tips

blue and white kitchen canisters

Since blue and white kitchens are undoubtedly a really classic color for your kitchen, it’s such an easy way to choose other color shades for the room. Choosing these kinds of colors will make your kitchen design scheme will look more prominent. However, if you cannot get right, a kitchen with and blue design could be your dream. The cool shades can make your kitchen look more open and since you have chosen white to be combined with blue, it will never leave of style. With so many alternatives to explore, it could be tricky to know where to start. So we have gathered several tips to design your white and blue kitchen. Take a look!

blue and white kitchen ideas

Getting your kitchen theme down

When you put together your white and blue kitchen, you should decide what you really want. all those things can actually change the way of your kitchen design. if you want to change the color but you don’t want to leave the blue and white theme, you can opt for other variety of those colors as well.

Breaking it up

No matter how you want to have a real white and blue kitchen, but decorating with all white and blue color could be intimidating and boring somehow. Consider stacking your furniture so that they eye will be drawn upwards. Put some blue kitchen cabinets above your white appliances and consider taking some spaces in between. In case you are not using other colors to create statement or interest to your kitchen design scheme, you will be safe to not provide a blank space within.

blue and white kitchen decor


Now that you have broken up your kitchen with different levels and lines, consider choosing accessories that could be a real wow factor within your kitchen design. Your white and blue kitchen will require a pop color pieces that can provide a brilliant focal point and draw attention. Instead, if you don’t like pop colors, you can choose softer colors for the furniture to achieve more rustic feel. Furthermore, you can also go for accessories in white and blue colors, but make certain to add a focal point somewhere.

The appropriate lighting

The appropriate lighting can actually create another feel into your kitchen. by choosing the right shades, layout and bulbs you will be able to break your kitchen color scheme. Therefore, you have to choose it carefully. In fact, you don’t have to choose a normal bulb somehow. You can opt for mood-lighting option or tinted bulbs like red for intimate and cozy vibe which is perfect for late-night dining in your blue and white kitchens.

blue and white kitchen canisters

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