Choosing the Right Finishing for Black and White Cabinets

black countertops and white cabinets

An elegant kitchen can look more gorgeous if it is mixed with black and white cabinets to beautify the kitchen looks as well. These days, there are some cabinets models you can opt for which depend on your personal needs. For instance, some people will love to choose color combination to crate harmonization within their kitchen and black and white is the most popular option. For better result, you should apply finishing on the cabinets to provide more durable and appealing look. When it comes to choose the right for your cabinet, you may find difficulty since there are a wide variety of finishing available. The finishing of your cabinet can make your cabinet look more dramatically different regardless of the materials of your black and white cabinets are made from. These guides will help you to choose the right finish for your kitchen cabinets especially your black and white colored cabinets. Take a look!

black countertops and white cabinets

High gloss

High gloss is one of the most popular finishes for black and white granite countertops. Moreover, the finish is very suitable for a kitchen with contemporary style along with flat cabinets’ fronts. It also sometimes refers to ultra high gloss based on the materials you have chosen. The cabinet doors which have been applied with high gloss finish can also reflect light. Therefore, it can make your kitchen look more open and bigger than it actually is. It’s such an excellent choice especially if don’t have enough space in your kitchen.

kitchens with white cabinets and black countertops


For your information, matt finish will never reflect any light just like high gloss does. It’s such an ideal choice for your country or traditional kitchen which has running scared fronts. Avoid choosing high-gloss finish since the finish is too modern and shiny to those kitchen styles. The finish is also great for contemporary kitchen styles especially with black and white tile kitchen. Furthermore, the scratches of fingerprints and other imperfections are less noticeable when compare to high-gloss. The colors of matt finish are also more consistent.

black and white cabinet knobs

Semi gloss

If you are still confusing to choose whether high gloss or matt, semi gloss could be a great option for you. Semi gloss finish combines some advantage of matt and high gloss finish. they also have a degree of light reflective that will prevent the light bounce around the kitchen. Nevertheless, since the semi gloss surface is not as highly reflective as high gloss surface, you will never see as many reflections in the cabinet’s fronts that can give you more consistent looking over your black and white cabinets.

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