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Club Weider 16.6st Home Gym Review

Club Weider 16.6st Home Gym

If you don’t have time to go to gym but you want perfect a body and muscle it is recommended to purchase club weider 16.6st home gym. This home gym is the best choice for both female and male who have tight schedule on work but still want to keep healthy by doing physical fitness. You can increase your biceps and triceps as well as your body weight by having this home gym at your home. How about the price? If you are interested to buy this home gym by Club Weider manufacturer, you can read the explanation below.

Club Weider 16.6st Home Gym

Club Weider 16.6st Home Gym, The Best Home Gym

When you want to buy a home gym but feeling confused what manufacturer you should buy, it is suggested to buy club weider 16.6st home gym. This product is sturdy and well-build but still considered affordable to buy. You don’t need to worry if you have low budget since the price is the most appropriate one for a traditional home gym.

This series comes after the older series Weider 9600 home gym so 16.6st version is better than the previous one with some features development. You can experience a good variety of training exercises such as chip and dip station and pulls-ups and dips. Other great feature is it has two weight stacks 212 lbs so you can use this home gym for two people at the same moment. You can do exercises to increase muscles on upper body with upper body workout station and lat bar, arms exercises with butterfly arms, and leg exercises with with a leg press dan a leg developer. For hip exercises you can also use low pulley station. The pad seat is comfortable since this product uses pulled vinyl upholstery.

The Downside of the Club Weider

More about Club Weider, however, still has some cons, especially in assemblying many parts that need details stated on the manual. You will find it difficult to assemble the separated parts if you don’t assemble thorougly. Moreover, the size of footprint is quite bigger than other compact series, that is, 12’ x 10’. Still, although it is large in size you can put this home gym at the corner of your room fitly. Nevertheless, club weider 16.6st home gym is the most appropriate home gym for beginners who have less cost  and experience in training exercises.

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