Consumer Reports Kitchen Cabinets of Craftmaid Products

kraftmaid cabinet catalog

Consumer reports kitchen cabinets will be the good references for you who want to know the quality of certain cabinets want to purchase. There are a lot of reviews of some pages you can find. Usually, they are available on detail information. So, you can really take them as your consideration.

The recommended cabinet products that you can choose are Craftmade cabinets. They are available on various styles and designs. You can pick one of them that can adjust your home interior look.

Talking about Craftmaid cabinets, actually this article is going to review about them. So, by reading this article, you can take some recommendations. Keep reading below and find your best reference only here!

kraftmaid cabinet catalog

Craftmaid Maple Bathroom Vanity Sink Base Cabinet with Granite Tops

This is the first product you can choose. It is the bathroom cabinet that offers you the great design. This product is designed by maple color. This color will show natural sense of your home interior. Besides that, it is also added by granite tops. It will be the perfect combination between granite material and maple color.

Well, do you know that the maple color is produced by solid wood? Well, this product is made by solid wood with maple and mocha look. You will really find the great combination from this product. Then, how about the product dimension? It has size about 30×30 inches for its width and length. How much cost is it? Only by 259.99 dollars, you can get it.

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Craftmaid White Bathroom Vanity Sink Cabinet with Granite Top

The second product you can choose is bathroom vanity sink with white color and granite top. Like the first product above, you will find the top made by granite material. Besides that, it is also designed with white maple.

What are some features you can find on this product? First of all, you can find the long durable capacity that will give you satisfaction. Besides that, there will be also the combined look between classic and modern material.

Last, you can choose four color options of this product. There are tan brown, black, green, and china brow you can get. Then, how much cost is it? Only by 498 dollars you can get them. Finally, those are all some products you can find from Craftmaid. There are still great products you can get. Well, if you want to purchase home cabinets, you can choose Craftmaid debut cabinets.

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