Decorating Around Black Appliances Kitchen

kitchens with white cabinets and black countertops

Black appliances kitchen can increase an impressive touch in any kitchen styles. When it comes to decorate around your black appliances, consider the color in your home, personal preferences and also the architectural features. To find more inspirations, look at some home decorating magazines or browsing in the internet. In addition, set certain budget can help you to create your spending parameter that can help you in narrowing down the options of decorating.

Floors and walls

Dark hardwood floors and crisp-white walls can complement your black cabinet kitchen in a black and white and modern palette. Flooring with black hardwood with high-gloss finish is able to convey a contemporary and edgy feel. Furthermore, wide-plank flooring with warm brown color tones convey more traditional setting. You can also install black and white tile flooring with checkerboard patterns to get retro and nostalgic appeal. For the kitchen wall, you can apply some light colors like soft beige, light yellow, light gray, and vanilla white to soften and brighten the black appliances collision.

Countertops and cabinets

For a stark contrast and striking look against your black appliances, you should paint your black cabinet with crisp white. After that, install some glossy hardware on the cabinetry to improve contemporary kitchen style or installing brushed nickel knobs and handles to get more traditional look. Add distressed or weathered finish to complement country and cottage style. You can also create a warm ambiance with solid black cabinets to achieve more dramatic appeal. Install black cabinet with countertops to accommodate your lifestyle. For alternative, you can choose laminate or butcher block countertops which is family-friendly and economical choice.

Lighting and windows

Natural lights can help to brighten a kitchen especially with black appliances. Wooden and white blinds with two inches slats are also functional in which allow you to adjust the direction and amount of natural light entering your kitchen. Its upscale appearance will also blend with any color scheme and decorating style. You can also add some natural textures by covering the windows with woven-grass or earthy bamboo shades. Opt for natural shades with black flecks that can help to thread the black color without overshadowing the space. Furthermore, adding some decorative or complementary lights to your kitchen by hanging a wrought iron chandelier in black color can add more rustic feeling to the room.


Furnish your kitchen with some furniture pieces that able to put up your needs whilst improving your black appliances. You can opt for wooden dinning sets which are perfect for casual meals and will create a harmonious color scheme. A vase of fresh flower on the dining table can add a colorful energy all over the room. You can also add wooden sideboard that can be used as storage space within your black appliances kitchen.

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