Finding your Kitchen Cabinet Layout Ideas

kitchen cabinet layout design

Are you trying to explore kitchen cabinet layout ideas to experience different kitchen design? Are you working on finding reviews of kitchen design layout for your reference? Well, cabinetry is the most important element and the core furniture of kitchen interior design. The placement of cabinets depends on many considerations and its determination within furniture arrangement can be significantly influential to overall kitchen design. For such importance, placement of cabinet involves several considerations, including material choice, color choice and of course kitchen layout.

kitchen cabinet layout design

Common kitchen cabinet lay out 

Kitchen is one part of the room that is granted the most attention in home decorating. Take space layout for an example, kitchen design can be worked out with many layout choice with different essential function and value to furniture arrangement, including cabinet. In other words, kitchen cabinets design layout is very well dependent to overall kitchen layout. First is U-shaped layout that employs three adjacent walls. Each walls can be employed respectively for sinks, stove, oven or cooker, refrigerator and appliances storage. In this layout, cabinets are necessarily installed along the adjacent walls, as a standing of sinks, storage and appliances. U-shaped layout is very well favored especially to those who work within small kitchen. Even when you have only two adjacent wall, you can work out the third by kitchen island. The second is island layout. Island is simply a small standing cabinetry for a smaller kitchen. Island can be but it only serves little space for cabinets, sinks and cookers. Island is usually additional to other layout. The third is L-shaped lay out, which employ two adjacent walls. Though smaller than u-shaped layout, L-shaped kitchen can provide more traffic lane and serve enough space for two cabinets along the walls. Lastly, galley layout is employed for a straight cabinet installation. It usually employs a single wall for cabinetry that holds a row of sinks, refrigerator and stove. In addition, detail accessory like kitchen cabinet lights can enhance the appearance of cabinet, other than its layout arrangement.

kitchen cabinet layout planner

Other design elements of kitchen cabinet

Other than layout, other elements are worth considering in installing kitchen cabinet. First, kitchen cabinet materials are essential. Material choice includes wood, laminate, steel, etc. Wood is natural and simple, but it is seldom durable. Comparatively, synthetized choice like laminate and steel are stronger, durable, numerous in style yet more expensive. Secondly, choice of color design for your cabinetry is important. You can choose natural theme like green and dark blue; elegance theme like dark grey and black and white; or brighter theme like yellow, orange or red. Reviews on color design trend are helpful as your reference of kitchen cabinet paint ideas.

how to plan a kitchen cabinet layout

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