How to Antique White Cabinets for Elegant Design

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Are you trying to find out how to antique white cabinets to give your cabinetry elegance and vintage look? Are you considering employing white color design to work on design antiquity? Applying antique design is a very suitable choice if you are pursuing to bring the sense of elegance, modesty and vintage value into your interior. However, much people consider antique design too much and too complicated to their interior functionality. This perspective may be shaped for some reasons. They ay think that antique and vintage design always requires high-class and historically-valued elements. Besides, they may also think that antiquity is expensive since they need to purchase such high quality but rare furniture that is not easy to find. In fact, applying antique can be done by employing detail elements like color and furniture, in this case bright color theme on cabinetry. Such idea makes application of antique design easier and cheaper.

Whitewashing procedure

Why white? Well, white can be mixed with other color among space arrangement. Especially in interior color design, white design in particular furniture will be contrastive with other surrounding, making a kind of show-off of that furniture, especially cabinets. Now since cabinet’s main material is wood, how do you whitewash wood in cabinetry to emphasize antiquity? Simply you can follow following steps. First of all, clean the wood surface. Having clean surface is important to give overall spreading of the painting to the surface. You can use fabric or rugs to clean the surface. Move it backward and forward to make the surface clean. Then, you need to remove the old stain. Removing the old painting of the wood can be done with chemical stripper, or sand paper. Sanding the surface will make it clean and smooth to prepare whitewashing. Lastly, it is time for you to paint and whitewash it. Paint the wood and wait it dry for about all day long. Then in whitewashing, it is important for you to move rag in the same direction as the wood’s grain.

Choosing cabinets for antique design

Other than working on color patter, choosing cabinets is important. First of all, determine your budget. Low budget will limit your choice of high quality material cabinets as well as sophisticated design with large storage. On the other hand, high budget will enable you to explore choice of stylish cabinets and antique or vintage cabinets. Then, pick your necessity. You need to decide whether you need large storage or small storage as well as short or long cabinets. Lastly, decide countertop materials, such as woods, granites, marbles or laminate. Such idea is how to choose kitchen cabinets for your design.

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