How to Choose Country Style Bar Stools

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Finding the right country style barstools could be one of the toughest challenges. In fact, there are many things you should take into considerations like material, height, back and even upholstered. Furthermore, you should also consider about the cost. However, when it comes to practicality and materials, it’s vital to think about what kind of stools you are going to use and how many you need them so that they will comfortably fit as well as looking quite proportional to the island size and all the overall kitchen space.

Bar stool styles

As you know, bar stools are multipurpose furniture pieces that can be used in any room, especially in the kitchen. In addition, there are some bar stool styles you can consider aside the country style ones.

  • Traditional

Traditional bar stools are featured with ornate details such as curved legs and carvings. They are generally made from dark wood. They can also create a formal look within your kitchen space.

  • Modern/contemporary

Metal and sleek lines are staples within contemporary and modern design. the seats are commonly made from plastic, metal or even molded wood.

  • Transitional

Transitional styles define clean lines with detail touch. They are able to fit in any kitchen décor.

  • Rustic/country

Rustic and country bar stools are commonly features with distressed wood, wicker and also chipped paint to get more casual feeling. It’s common to have two tone finishes along with one color seat and another color on the back and legs. It’s also common to have country style cabinets to be matched with the bar stools.

The features of bar stools

  • Swivel

The function of swivel is allowing seated person to turn side by side without moving the base of the chair. Likewise, it also allows the stool to rotate back to the same position after rotating it. It’s such a great option to keep your house tidy.

  • Adjustable height

Many bar stools are equipped with a hydraulic pump which allows you to adjust the height of the seating whether up or down. It can be really helpful in case your kitchen space is small. It would be better to be placed near country style sink as well.

  • Commercial and residential stools

Some bar stools are categorized as commercial that means they have been examined by the manufacturer and proven that they will put up to the tear and wear toward commercial application. Those kinds of stools also can be used in a setting of residential for lifelong wear. The commercial country style bars tools are actually available in similar selection as the residential but they might cost more.

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