How to Match Countertops and Cabinetry By Design

granite countertops and backsplash ideas

Talking about matching countertops and cabinetry by design it’s all about color coordination. In addition, it also involves choosing countertops and cabinetry that will work perfectly with your standard of living. For example, if your families are large you can choose cabinetry that provides ample storage and durable, heavy-duty countertops which require little maintenance. Obtain some samples of countertops and cabinetry from by design and then bring it how to observe how they look with your decorating style, color scheme and kitchen appliances. Moreover, you should also establish a budget you can afford and try to stick on it.

granite countertops and backsplash ideas


When it comes to match your kitchen countertops and cabinetry, you should also consider about the lifestyle of your family. For example, consider choosing base cabinet that will allow your children to pull dishes and snacks easily without climbing on countertop or stool. On the other hand, countertops for white cabinets are providing substantial storage space without engaging in some useful floor space. Match the countertops with your kitchen cabinetry based on the needs of your lifestyle. Some kitchen countertops like wood, concrete or granite will require periodic maintenance of oiling and sealing. Otherwise, engineered stone, laminate, quartz and stainless steels is requiring little work for sure. wood, granite, and marble can also tarnish simply from spills, while engineered stone and metal stand firm staining.

ideas for kitchen backsplashes with granite countertops


Try to match the countertops ideas and cabinets decorating style with your existing home décor. Dark espresso matched with sleek stainless steel can enhance a contemporary and modern look. The granite countertops which are paired with dark wood cabinets are perfect for your kitchen as well. try to match white cabinets with ceramic tiles countertops to complement your simple kitchen décor. Recycled glass countertops ad bamboo cabinets are an option of environmentally-friendly that can add a natural element to your kitchen.

glass backsplash ideas for granite countertops

Texture and color

The kitchen cabinets are typically made from glass, metal, bamboo or wood materials you can actually paint them with your favorite colors as well. Match the countertops to your cabinetry with some contrasting colors like countertops with white cabinets. You can also add a contemporary look with shiny stainless steel countertops and lime green cabinets. Moreover, laminate countertops will provide limitless pattern range and color to match any kind of cabinetry. You can also Pair granite countertops with brown flecks in order to coordinate with your brown cabinetry. If your cabinet is made from wooden, you can install a marble countertop to bring in textural significance of your countertops and cabinetry by design.

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