How to Paint Cabinets Antique White for Antique Design

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Are you working on how to paint cabinets antique white in order to get antique effect? Are you considering white color theme in your interior design influential for antiquity purpose? Antiquity is a high importance for people who prefer design with elegance and vintage value. Not to mention that antiquity brings the essence of historical greatness and masterpiece reflected in all elements of the interior design, such as space arrangement, furniture choice, furniture color design, and detail accessories of artwork, antiquity also offers comfort and maximization of interior functions. Rather than spending high cost, antiquity can be achieved through white and bright color employment in necessarily single furniture as cabinets. The reason lies within the value of white color design and the core functions of cabinets.

White color design value

What power does white color design have over interior design antiquity? Well, white is the most essential color theme that brings several values. First, white color design is simply neutral. White can be accommodated within any color design, such as bright, dark, colorful as well as natural color design. This quality makes white color preferable for contemporary design. Second, white color design is simple but elegant. White color design can be easily employed and it creates modest nuance of simplicity among interior design. However, employing white over furniture create salient elegance especially when compared to different color design within interior arrangement. Third, white color design creates design contrast. Since white color design can easily accommodate other different color, employing white design on furniture will give a show-off to that furniture, making it salient and eye-catching among other design. Now, it is important to know how to paint kitchen cabinets antique white to achieve antiquity. Simple steps include cleaning, removing old paint, sanding and repainting. Clean the surface of your cabinetry with rug or paper. Then remove old stain with sand paper or chemical stripper. Next, sand it again to prepare the painting. Lastly, it is time for you to repaint your kitchen cabinet with white paint.

Whitewashing cabinets           

Whitewashing is the best way to give your kitchen antique look as well as elegance. First of all, you need to disassemble cabinet parts, including the doors and the countertop. Then clean the doors surface with rug or fabric before remove the old paint. Next, strip the surface to remove the stain and the old paint. After that, sand the surface using sand paper to make it smooth and clean. Then use stain to white wash your cabinets. Finally let the stain dry out and reinstall your cabinet again. Such ideas work knowing how to whitewash kitchen cabinets to give it bright color.

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