How to Pick the Best Color for Kitchen Cabinets

best white color for kitchen cabinets

What is the best color for kitchen cabinets? It could be a difficult question to be answered. There are several easy tips for you to pick the best color for the your kitchen cabinets.

Consider the main theme and kitchen dimension

Before picking any color for the kitchen cabinet, you have to consider the kitchen main theme and kitchen dimension. The color of your kitchen cabinet should go with your kitchen main theme. Take for example for modern and minimalist kitchen, it is more flexible for you to pick the best color to paint kitchen cabinets. You can even paint it in extremely different color to create more colorful kitchen. But, if you have shabby chic kitchen, you may have to consider white and pastel color. While warm and traditional kitchen would usually need dark and solid color or natural wood color. It can be also great to have white cabinet if your traditional and warn kitchen has already look warm and dark. The white cabinet would create fresh look to the kitchen.

best white color for kitchen cabinets

At the same time you also have too consider the kitchen dimension. It is suggested for you to install some cabinets that go with your kitchen dimension, let’s say an L shape kitchen cabinet with sliding door if you have small space in between the kitchen cabinet and kitchen island. Then, it is suggested for you paint the kitchen due to the dimension. You can have different color or accent for the cooking spots and dining areas to separate the room in an open layout kitchen. The best colors to paint a kitchen would be the color with several accents to decorate your kitchen as long as it goes with overall theme of the house.

best colors for kitchens with white cabinets

How to paint the cabinets perfectly

After choosing the right color, there are several things you have to pay attention if you want to paint the cabinets on your own. First, you have to pay attention on the condition of the cabinets. For new cabinets it would be very easy to paint the cabinet with best kitchen cabinet colors. But still you have to make sure that you have covered all of holes, cracks, and scratch on the cabinets, especially if they are made of woods. Second, before painting the cabinet with any color you have to apply some base thoroughly until the whole surface smooth enough. Then you can paint the cabinet. The best way to paint it is by spraying the paint instead of applying the paint with brush. If you want to have white cabinet, pay attention on the shades colors there are beige, lilac, powder white, pearl, and even aqua white. The best white for kitchen cabinets would be the white color with some accents that echo the kitchen main color.

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