How to Repaint Kitchen Cupboards Ideas

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Repainting kitchen cupboard ideas is one of the greatest ways to rejuvenate your dater or old kitchen without installing new kitchen. Plus, it would be so much better reusing rather than replacing. This paint project could possibly take four days. Even though it may sound excessive, but this is way better than replacing the entire kitchen which is so costly. Each painting stage can be done within an hour if your kitchen is small that already include drying times. Dedicate one day to clean and do some preparation, one day to priming and one day to undercoating. If you use oil-based paint, then it will need one day each coat. After finishing the final coat, allow it to dry for at least one day to be touch-dry.

The right paint

Eggshell or gloss paints are traditionally used to provide wipe-able and hard-wearing finish. Eggshell paint is easy to use and more tolerant of less perfect brushwork. Otherwise, gloss paint is nice but it will show up any imperfection and you should have finishing skill to make it looks perfect.

Remove or not remove

It may seem obvious to remove the cupboards doors before painting them. However, removing the doors will make better results. It means that you are able to do the top and the bottom along with both sides together. Remove the cupboards knobs and handles to make your painting job easier.


Just keep in mind to clean the cupboards. Remove all grease and dirt and make sure you have got into all crannies and nooks particularly on the cupboard paneling. You can use sugar soap or liquid cleaner which is able to get rid of grease as well as preparing the surface.  Allow it to dry carefully. Rub down painted and wooden units with good sandpaper and then wipe them down with a faintly wet cloth to remove grime. You don’t need to do this if your cupboard is already laminated.


First of all, you should do prime. For wooden cupboards, use multi-purpose or wood primer. For spray-coated or laminate finishes, use melamine primer. In case you cover dark or shiny surface, two coats are recommended. After that, it’s time to undercoat. Even though one coat is enough, but if the kitchen dark cabinets look so streaky, it’d better to use two. At last, add the top coat one it. Additional coats are needed to achieve a smooth finish.


You should keep in mind to not overload the brush and use the paint sparingly. Make sure that the strokes are smooth. Up and down could be the best move but going side to side on areas like kitchen cupboard ideas paneled doors’ molded parts are also needed.

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