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itchen paint ideas with white cabinets

If the homeowner or the landlord confused to re-design the kitchen, the painted cabinets ideas can be the idea to be the first renovated. Kitchen cabinets are also the important things that should give more attention. When kitchen cabinets are older or not  safe anymore, replace them with the new one is not really a good idea. Paint the kitchen cabinets as long as it can still be used.  The focus point in the kitchen is in the cabinets which taken up a lot of space. If they are painted with the lovable painter, it will stay longer and give good effect to the homeowner. There are lots of colors to work in kitchen cabinets. Before choosing the paint for the cabinet, check the other things in the kitchen, for example the color of the wall, the backsplash, and the floor. It’s better to choose white colors, if there are many colors in the kitchen. White cabinet brighten up the dark room. Some colors like grey, beige are also good for cabinet. The neutral painted kitchen cabinets colors can be combined with other accessories for the kitchen.

kitchen cabinet paint color ideas

Painted kitchen cabinet colors are the easiest way to update the design style for home. Some work paints can dazzle not only the cabinets but also the walls, tables, chairs, or even backsplash. Paint the kitchen backsplash using solid colors like black or white or add tiles is great way. Before painting the backsplash, it’s good to know the other colors of the entire kitchen to match them all. If the kitchen has darks cabinet color, choose the bright color for the backsplash. But when the cabinet is white, darker paint color would work well for the backsplash. Backsplash can be designed with tiles to get the perfect appearance.

painted kitchen cabinet color ideas

The other easy way to design the backsplash is using stencil. Stencil is a thin piece of metal or plastic with the cutting design, paint the surface and the design is left on the surface. Besides, stencil is more permanent than tiles, and easier to paint. Chalkboard paint is the other unique idea to create the backsplash in the kitchen. The classic black chalkboard can give the unique effect in the kitchen. The chalkboard backsplash will provide a space to put or write grocery list, recipes, or special notes for other family member. This chalkboard is easy to wipe clean. Those painted backsplash ideas can add some idea to renovate the kitchen.

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