Ideas in Making Tuscan Backsplash

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Tuscan backsplash is considered into one of the top designs of backsplash due to the popularity of Tuscany style. Tuscan kitchen give old-world ambiance if it is applied in particular room including kitchen. Meanwhile, backsplash plays important role in the kitchen which applies Tuscan style. It becomes the focal point in the kitchen as well as complementing the decoration. When you plan to create backsplash in Tuscany kitchen, there are some considerations that you need to take related to materials. Materials are very essential to concern since Tuscan style has its own characteristic related to materials.

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One of characteristics of Tuscan style depicted from the colours. Hence, creating backsplash that applies Tuscan colour is perfect to complete the kitchen. Tuscan is identical with earthy tones such as brown, red, gold, yellow, and green. Choose tiles with those colours to add sense of Tuscany in your kitchen backsplash. You can use the combination of colours as well. The combinations of earthy colours that you will use for the backsplash will make it as interesting focal point in the kitchen. For instance, you can combine small tiles with yellow colour and large stone with brown colour.

tuscan kitchen backsplash ideas

If you do not have many choices, terra cotta tiles become one of the great Tuscan ideas that you can give to your backsplash. This type of tile is highly popular to cover the wall especially in the kitchen which uses Tuscan style. Both painted and unpainted terra cotta tiles will look perfect in Tuscany kitchen. But, if you want to provide sense of rustic in the kitchen, then just go with unpainted ones. This tile is available in various ranges of colour. Both dark and light tones are available in the market. Besides, it comes in wide variety of patterns so that you have more option to experiment with this tile.

tuscan style backsplash

If you want something more interesting, mural backsplash can be good Tuscan decorating style to try. Including mural in the kitchen can be an effective way to add value and invite both sense of elegance and extravagance. There are numerous mural themes which are good to be applied in the backsplash of Tuscany kitchen. Olives and fruits are considered common themes which are used. Vineyard also can be good option if you want to install mural backsplash. Various themes which are associated with countryside life will also great to be picked for Tuscan backsplash.

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