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kitchen cabinet colors for small kitchens

Are you looking information on small kitchen design layout ideas to work on designing your small kitchen? Are you having common problems of space limit and troublesome set arrangement within your small kitchen? Not to mention, small kitchen have its own characteristics in nature, and influence to the process of your design or remodel. Small kitchen limits you from working on several interior designs, like luxury or antique designs. Luxury design requires large scale interior in which high number of furniture and appliances are set. Luxury ideas also work with details like artworks, pictures or accessories that require more space. Similarly, antique design can work with colors, but when it comes to vintage large furniture and additional accessories, small kitchen cannot accommodate with such ideas. In such case, maximizing small kitchen interior space can be worked out through simple designs employing easy layout, simple materials and essential furniture to cope with space limit issues. Additionally, designing in this way can save your budget and cost of design significantly.

kitchen cabinet ideas small kitchens

Space arrangement in small kitchen design

            Working with small kitchen design can be done through the choice of layouts. Firstly, it is very recommended for you to apply U-shaped layout for small kitchen. U-shaped layout idea is simply employing three adjacent walls, with cabinet installation along the walls. U-shaped kitchen is very easily fit to small kitchen while still allowing more furniture. Since cabinet is the main part of kitchen, you can employ small kitchen cabinet within U-shaped kitchen to give additional space for accessories. Besides you can apply the concept of small cabin kitchens to your small space. Cabin kitchens have very sense layout to expand space limits. For example, it employs small cabinetry, single stove and simple sinks on the cabinet with the addition of small kitchen island for additional storage and dining table. Employing such kitchen layouts will be beneficial to maximize your kitchen space.

cabinet designs for small kitchens

Cabinetry ideas for small kitchen

Not to mention, working through kitchen cabinet is the easiest way to influence kitchen interiorsince cabinet is the main furniture representing overall kitchen design. You can simply maintain simple kitchen design through cabinet’s design. For example, you employ simple materials like oak, pine, cherry or acacia to give you cabinet simple and natural looks. Do not forget to enhance cabinets color with simple color scheme like white, black, grey or brown according to your need. However, if you want to expand your space, black or white is recommended. Lastly, home design websites like, and can be a good reference for further quality and price of small kitchen cabinet ideas.

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