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two tone painted kitchen cabinets

Are you working on designing two tone kitchens to enhance kitchen’s interior appearance? Do you prefer mixture of color scheme rather than monotone color employment? Well, the picking of color scheme is a critical matter in kitchen design or remodel for considerable reasons and it works within all kinds of interior design. Even in the case of luxury design in which the number and kind of furniture is more emphasized, color  scheme choice still influence the matter of whether or not the kitchen’s interior is luxurious. Now, color scheme is essential for some points, such as its accommodating to all design elements. Color scheme can e manifested to all aspects including furniture, furniture materials, cabinetry, flooring, wall and ceiling. Also, color scheme will be influential to the delivery of design message. While common designs employ single color to give a straight single message, contemporary trends work with two tone to boost exploration of design meaning and values.

two toned cabinets in kitchen

The value of two tone kitchen

So what effects and power does color combination have in kitchen interior design? Well there are several value of color mixture, not to mention two tone color. First, two tone color can create fresh and airy interior. The mixture of two tone colors, whether they are different in psychological meaning or not is very dynamic within kitchen interior. Other than not boring at sight, this mixture is not monotone and it leaves and airy space within interior arrangement. Second, the combination of color as can boost interior design value. Especially when you employ two color that different in look but approximately similar in depth, the common color scheme sense will be more emphasized. For example, since white scheme will be beneficial for interior elegance, adding grey or brown can give antiquity idea that boost interior’s elegance. Lastly, mixture of color can be contrast.  For example, employing two tone wall paint can make a contrast look of the cabinetry. White wall paint with black cabinetry, for example can increase the sight of the cabinetry.

two tone kitchen cabinet

Working on two tone design elements

Two tone color designs can be worked out through some kitchen interior elements with many color choice. First of all, you can apply dark broken cabinetry combined with deep white flooring and wall. This mixture can enhance interior elegance while in the same time focusing interior looks to the cabinets. Then, you can examine other mixture of light blue and natural green to give different effect of naturalness. Furthermore, you can refer to websites like, houzz. com or to get other ideas of two tone kitchens.

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