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Are you looking for vintage kitchen ideas to work with within your kitchen interior? Are you considering vintage designs to boost your kitchen’s both functionality and appearances? Applying vintage designs requires high consideration during its employment process through all design elements.  Not to mention, contemporary designs tend to work out with whether total kitchen’s functionality or total luxury, while vintage designs is rather moderate choice that combines both classic design value with historical sentiment and meaning  and functional purpose with the employment of essential kitchen furniture and durable kitchen’s material. Additionally, working on vintage designs needs further considerations such as whether or not vintage products or appliances are easily available in modern store and whether they bear affordable price. Despite these drawbacks, vintage design is still recommended for its core design meaning emphasis. Thus, understanding vintage design features and elements will be beneficial and helpful for you in order to achieve vintage design goals.

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Considerations on applying vintage designs

What is the essence of vintage kitchen design and what are its core values? Well, vintage design is a particular reference to the use of past styles, products, furniture, utensils or appliances within interior.  Necessarily, such design elements need to come within twenty to a hundred years of age. Elements less than twenty years old will be considered modern, while more than a century will be considered antique. Thus, vintage kitchen design is known with many titles of war kitchen, post-war kitchen, post-colonial kitchen etc. Now there are some values of vintage designs. First, for functionality, vintage kitchen is often more enhancing. It is common that vintage appliances and kitchenware are better, more durable, stronger and having more quality that enhance the kitchen’s work. Second, vintage kitchen is simple and easy to operate. Many vintage utensils are designed in simple mechanism and also harmless to environment. Third, vintage kitchen is meaningful. Rather than beauty, luxury or sophisticated technology, vintage kitchen employs vintage materials that are embedded with particular events in the past. Such idea is a good way of meaningful remembrance to family history.

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Vintage kitchen design reviews

Designing your kitchen with vintage ideas comes in a number of ways. First of all, if you have trouble in finding vintage furniture, you can work simply with the employment of color scheme and material choice. For example it is recommended to paint your cabinetry with antique scheme such as dark brown or grey. Besides employing antique materials such as teak, oak, cherry or walnuts are also recommended to give modest sense. If you work with really vintage utensils and appliances, such as cabinetry, kitchenware, cookware, and vintage range hoods, it is better to look for guidance in, and online stores like Home Depot or Lowes.

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