Ingredients That Make Up a Country Cottage Kitchen

pictures of country cottage kitchens

country cottage kitchen is not just a decorating style but also an attitude. Since your kitchen is typically among the busiest spaces in your house, it will make a sense to translate that mindset to your appliances, fixtures, cabinetry and more. If you plan a kitchen renovation or facelift, consider these following ways to fill your kitchen with cottage console.

country cottage kitchen decor

Soft colors

The palette of cottage is typically airy and light, and kitchen will follow the suit. It would be difficult to go wrong with classic, crisp white but pale turquoise, light khaki or soft yellow all are looking fresh and proper for sure. Another option is mixing colors of the cabinetry; the island shade with a contrasting color hue over the cabinets.


For the kitchen sink, you can consider a farmhouse sink since they have a strong classic appearance. In addition, it features a shallow, broad face along with an additional deep bowl which can accommodate plate’s stacks or large pots. It can also create a country living sense if it is matched with the country kitchen backsplash as well.

country cottage kitchen ideas

Pine lining

When it comes to country kitchen decorating ideas, there’s nothing than clearly pine lining within. This paneling warm wall grooved style and also cabinetry is able to add architectural concern as well. Since it has much visual crash, you don’t really need to create a cottage effect somehow.  Try to go for creamy colors, like choosing the same color hue to your cabinetry or lightly sand it for distressed and aged look.

Open shelving

Open shelving is generally installed in upper cabinetry when your country kitchen design is more functional than decorative. The cabinetry was also expensive, but the open shelving could allow cooks to retrieve tools and dishes quickly. Now, open shelving is much about practicality and aesthetic. Their ingenuousness feature can help to make your kitchen space feel way larger, and they are also considered as accessories to execute your kitchen. You don’t have to be compulsively organized and neat for the open shelves to look better-looking but you will need an effort not to let the clutter put up. Keep your dishware in single color to create striking effect.

pictures of country cottage kitchens

Hardwood flooring

Before carpet becoming so popular, hard flooring was the favorite and they complement a cottage style in the kitchen. You can either paint them in solid colors or leave the planks bare to show off its natural beauty as well. Nonetheless, hardwoods are not the only option for country cottage kitchen flooring. Vintage-look tiles, slate or linoleum can work somehow.

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