Kitchen with Black Countertops for Elegant Design

white kitchen cabinets with black countertops

Are you making effort to design your kitchen with black countertops? Are you considering black countertop color design give you benefit of strength and elegance? Of many essential factors in kitchen design, such as furniture arrangement and material choice, color theme is the most critical. Color design covers overall design theme and value, as well as giving the message of personality, whether cheerful, deep, mysterious or modest. Simply you can apply one among many color theme choice, but consideration lies whether it fits to your kitchen interior design and whether it matches with furniture materials. As for employing black theme on furniture like countertops, the design values that are emphasized will be around solidity, strength and elegance. Such idea will be suitable for your elegant kitchen design.

kitchen colors with oak cabinets and black countertops

Elegance quality of dark color design

            Black and dark color designs are commonly employed in many kitchen designs. Such black and dark theme are embedded within carious elements, including wall, backsplash, countertops, and cabinetry. Black and dark color designs are preferred for some reasons of their color values. First, black and dark color theme is obviously elegant. The employment of black within interior design will strengthen the sense of elegance and antiquity. This will give effect on the increasing luxury value of kitchen interior. Then, they are mysterious. Black and dark theme accommodate aura of secret and mystery message. In such case, such themes can be employed to give more curiosity and attraction about the interior design at sight. Also, black and dark themes are simple. They are simple to manage, easy to apply as well as delivering message of simplicity. In addition, giving dark idea can be done with materials employment. For example, for dark cabinetry, you can manage kitchen with cherry cabinets. Cabinet with cherry wood have more qualities of absorbing dark color theme.  Its smooth texture and grain can easily adapt with dark or black paint. Moreover, cherry will strengthen the look of the dark color overtime.

white kitchen with black countertops

Other elements of elegant design

            How is it to work with black and dark idea? Working your kitchen with dark floors will be an important first step. Flooring is essential since it covers the entire kitchen appearance. Dark flooring using dark tile or dark granite is the easiest ways. As for dark cabinetry, you can design your kitchen with granite countertops to strengthen luxurious dark theme. Granite countertops are durable, elegant and easy to clean. Online stores like and design review like are the recommended reference about granite countertops. In short, kitchen with black countertops are best worked out for kitchen’s elegance.

pictures of kitchens with black countertops

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