Knowing More About French Country Kitchen Design

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If you like the design of the french country cabinets, then maybe you should apply french country kitchen design for your kitchen. As one of the most substantial parts of the house, kitchen is the place that you have to decorate nicely. One of the things that you can do to make your kitchen look nice and comfortable is by applying french country design. This design has been praised for its down-to-earth and warm look for the kitchen. You will feel like you are in the rural area of France if you pick this kitchen design. Besides, this design is also very versatile. So, what else can you possibly ask for?

Wood Furniture For The Design

However, one thing that you should always keep in mind whenever you decide to apply a french country design for your house is the furniture selection. Unlike any other kitchen designs, french country kitchen is strongly related with wood furniture. As what has been mentioned above, a frech country kitchen design is well-known for its natural and down-to-earth look. One of the furniture materials which can support that look is wood. That is why, picking wood furniture is better than furniture made of other materials. One tip, though. If you are going for wood furniture shopping, make sure that you pick the rustic wood furniture. This type of wood furniture will be just perfect for your french country kitchen design.

The Color Palette Of The Kitchen Design

When it comes to discussing about french country colors, you also have to be careful. In fact, this type of kitchen design can go with any colors. However, there are some colors which are commonly used for this kitchen design. Some of them include soft brown, gray, off white, black, and other neutral colors. Since the furniture is made of wood, make sure that the color paint that you choose is still in line with the furniture color tone. The other thing that you have to take care carefully is the lighting. In case your kitchen is not that large, then it is highly recommended that you pick bright color paint. Bright color palette is good for making your kitchen look visually bigger than it actually is. That is why, picking the right color palette is very important for your kitchen. The last thing that you have to do is getting some french country decor ideas from magazines for broadening your references about this kitchen design.

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