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In the kitchen design, choosing countertop is an important part of décor. There are lot of options, start from the most affordable plastic laminate until the more expensive natural stones materials such as granite. White Alaska granite is one of the top favorite countertop materials for elegant and modern kitchen design. 

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White Alaska Granite Looks

White Alaska is granites that come from Brazil sometimes called with Delicatus Silver and Ice Brown. It is one of the popular materials for countertops which featuring white and gray granite colors in. The background is clean white with deep gray patterns across the surfaces. The sophisticated style solid colors are beautiful. That’s why this granite becomes one of the primadonna among granites. It can blend well with all interior and design features especially in your kitchen.

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Featuring With Kitchen Design

White Alaska is one of the granites that will blend well with different kind of kitchen designs. Most of people will feature with grey, white and black kitchen designs. Those kitchen colors design will blend well with the natural color of the granite. With Alaskan granite as the tops, you can go with black or gray kitchen cabinets and white or gray walls. It sends a chic look but at the same time keep elegant feeling. To complete the looks, you can opt for stainless appliances to enhance the modern and clean looks in the kitchen.

How Much It Required?

This white and grey granite will cost you about $35 per square foot while the installation cost $25 per square foot. So, the overall budget from purchasing until installing the stones will cost you about $60 per square foot. But the cost might different in some places. You have to count how much slabs you need for complete job before installing the stones.

You don’t need to worry for future maintenance, because this granite is considered as one of the durable and resistant to damage one. To clean the surfaces regularly, just use water and vinegar. But you need to be careful to avoid heavy abrasive and overly hot things on the counters. It can damage the surfaces without you realize. Instead of spending much on the beginning, you can save more money in the future.

Set your countertops with white Alaska granite to increase the visual value into your kitchen design. It definitely will make your kitchen into elegant and lovely one. Of course with right care, you can enjoy the looks for decades.

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