Menards Kitchen Cabinet: Price and Details

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Buying some kitchen cabinets at menards could be another solution for your kitchen. There are two important points you have to note about Menards; the price and the detail of the products to help you considering and calculating the budget for your kitchen.

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Affordable price

Calculating budget before remodeling or building the kitchen is the most crucial point besides considering the main theme of the kitchen. There are a lot of kitchen cabinets brands with various of price range you can find at Menards. Take for example the Ontario White. It is the most popular brand at Menards that offers various kind of Ontario White products. There are some cabinets from Ontario White that you can pick to improve your kitchen, without renovating the whole part of kitchen. For a small cabinet, there is a 9” one door cabinet which is sold for $99. Don’t worry if you need bigger white cabinets there are the 12” and 15” Ontario White that you can buy for $104.00 and $112.00. While the biggest Ontario White is the 30” with two doors and one drawer base that you can buy for about $169.00.

Of course Menards gives you the best products to redecorate your kitchen with white color. But, there are also a lot more products you can pick. You can find not only kitchen cabinet, but you can also find various kind fridge, stoves, and kitchen sink. You can also find some products which are sold by the owner at Menards. Take for example there are Electrolux microwave oven, compact stove, and dishwasher and some kitchen cabinets for sale by owner at Menards with lower price. You juts have to check the bargain store at Menards.

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The details of Menards kitchen cabinet

After knowing the price and some brands which are available at Menards, you also have to check the details of the products. There are at least three kind of cabinets you can find at Menards, the wall cabinets, base cabinets, and tall cabinets. All the kitchen cabinets are built cabinets which are combined with some portable cabinets that you can move or replace. There are also some wood materials that you can choose to build the cabinet. There chadwood, huron oak, and some other hard woods. There are also some other things you can find at Menards such as the laminated cooktop, kitchen sink, and cabinet accessories. Indeed Menards is just more than kitchen cabinets manufacturers.

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