Modern Bedroom and Livingroom Decoration

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If you want to decorate bedrooms you have to think the livingroom design as well since a home needs harmony at the whole sides. Here we give you some ideas to remodel your bedroom and livingroom. Hopefully this recommendation of bedroom and livingroom decoration can be adopted for your home perfectly.

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Modern Bedroom Decoration Ideas

You can choose classic French style to get luxury and modern touch at your bedroom. The furniture that you can use is such as king sized bedroom made from solid wood and carvings. The bed sheet can use gold colors and the cushion can balance the gold style such as bright and floral motif. This combination will give romantic feels and nostalgic that can make you comfortable to stay at home.

You can also use transparent curtain to give more privacy at your bed. The hanging lamp can use French style with details. A white cabinet at your bedroom can add vintage style that will blend well with your French bedroom. For the wall decoration, you can use soft color combination such as cream and white, or light brown and cream.

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Modern Livingroom Ideas

Your modern bedroom can be matched with modern livingroom that adopts leather fabric as sofa’s materials.  To decorate sitting room, it is wise to use this fabric since leather can be the main focus of your modern livingroom and can give cozy impression as well as contemporary feels. The leather sofa comes from different colors, such as darker color (grey, black, dark brown) or brighter color (golden, purple, orange). The colors should blend well with the walls, the cushion and other fixtures to create balanced look. After all, leather fabric can give you a comfort space for your family.  You can also look at decorate living room pictures to get the real image that you desire.

Decorated fireplace mantels also can be added to your inspiration since it will give warmer atmosphere in the whole livingroom. Your decorated fireplaces design may be simple and cheap but you can remodel it by using some additional accessories to bright it up. Those accessories are such as paper crafts, antique double mirrors on the two sides, fall leaves, and flower pots. Double stand lamps also can be placed on the fireplace to give dim feels once you turn the bright lamp off. This design will match well with the leather sofa and will successfully give modern touch in your livingroom and your whole home.

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