Oak Cabinets with Granite Countertops

oak cabinets with granite countertops pictures

Today, people use oak cabinets with granite countertops. In previous time, the function of the kitchen is only a place for cooking, washing dishes. It almost never uses to gather with family, friends, and relatives. But now, the development of the interior design shows that kitchen has switching function. The main function of kitchen today is still a place for cooking and serving food for family members. However, apart of that, it also serves a place to “chatting” for the people at home or relatives; the modern kitchen now has not only a stove and a gas but also Island table, desks, cabinets. It makes the people feel comfortable staying in the kitchen much longer.

oak cabinets with granite countertops pictures

Now many people are using granite as the based table. The usage of granite in the kitchen set provides many benefits. One of the benefits, granites provides not only beautiful impression, however luxury impression in the kitchen. The other benefits are the value aesthetics. Granite countertops have a beauty in every style. There is a lot of motives granite. And it’s very suitable to be placed on the kitchen set. And it really makes the kitchen more beautiful and awesome. The price of the granite varies depend on the type the granite.

The second benefit of using granite countertops is heat resistant. As the description above that the function of the kitchen is a place for cooking, so the area surrounds the gas stove especially in the cabinet table will surely feel the heat as well. If the line of the counter is made of ceramic or plastic, they are not heat resistance. But granite highly tends to hold the heat from the gas stove. The next benefit is durable. Granites stones have the quality of durability longer than other materials. It can stay longer. Indeed, the price is little bit expensive than ceramic. But the granite is more durable than ceramic or plastic materials. Besides durable, granite is also stain resistance. However, if there is a stain attached to the granite ‘it’s easily and quickly to clean.

pictures of granite countertops with oak cabinets

The combination of granite and oak is very perfect. The oak wood can be applied for the cabinet, and the granite can be applied in the top of the kitchen counter. Oak wood is strong and elegant, oak wood is not easily broken by the termites. In the surface of this wood usually designed and carved with traditional carving to create classic and elegant effect. The oak cabinets with granite countertops pictures are strong, shiny, luxurious, and durable.

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