Old Design for Home

old world house designs

The old world design borrows vast styles from European history in 1600’s. With natural materials and earthy colors, the design combines heavy proportions and luxurious attributes and furniture. For example the design uses brick arches, warm colors like brown like wood or pine, and antique old world cabinet creates a strong feeling of history and culture. The other style is including the free standing furniture and usually features a fireplace and chimney. The old design for homing is new today. But some interior designer said that it will be timeless and eternal. The old design is precisely strong and rustic. The fact shows that the craftsmanship is the key of the old and rustic characteristic style.

old world home designs

Actually the old world style is bringing the classical elements for the architecture and the styling. The design style is resembled by Greek, Roman, and Old English. The style is similar with stone castle. The old world style design borrows the inspiration from the sun, wine, ocean, and bright colors, line navy blue or yellow because the colors play a vital role in the design style. It also combines with the shade of pine, ambers, red, or blue colors. The old world style natural actually is dominated with dark light, wood, and iron element. So, it depends on the sunlight to looks more natural. The combination of marbles and granites with old world floors and oak cabinetry set the natural scene inside the home. The natural and old element in the house can be pointed in the usage of arches surround the windows, doorways, the sink, or stove platform. And the other important things in creating old design ideas at home are hiding the modern stainless steel tools. As many people know that stainless steel didn’t exist in 1500’s. Natural stone or tile floors are a good choice to create old world style design. But don’t put any wood on it. Walnut and mahogany are good choices than wood.  Removing wood cabinets and replacing with iron are correct.

old world design style

Designing home with old style brings many benefit for the owner of the house, they are setting the mood. Sometimes, the impression of rustic is the pleasure point for the owner. The old world style design has an antique and natural appearance. Old walnut floor, wrought iron, stone gives many contribution toward the authentic atmosphere. The element choices of old world decorating ideas such as stone, brick, metal bring the sense of weight and history in old age.

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