Paint Color Ideas for Your Kitchen

paint colors for kitchen with white cabinets

There are many paint scheme ideas for painting home or kitchen like neutral paint colors, or paint pallet ideas, but for some people, it’s confusing. Colors may affect a person’s mood. In facts, no wonder that they influence mood, colors also creates the atmosphere of the room.  Home designer explained that the color selection is very important and must be chosen as well. Therefore, choosing, a paint color can influence the pleasant feeling. Such as selecting the right painting color for a kitchen is essential. Little mistake in choosing paint can make the tiny kitchen becomes more narrow and cramped. There are some ways to paint colors for small kitchen.

neutral paint colors for kitchen

Firstly, for small-sized kitchen, preferable choosing paint colors for a kitchen with bright colors likes white, blue, or beige. Bright colors create large in the kitchen. It’s better to avoid dark colors because the makes the room looks more narrow. The next thing to concern is the arrangement of the cooking tools. Opened closet, combining with hanging oak cabinet are good ideas for tiny kitchen. Paint colors for kitchens with oak cabinets seem bright and elegant with bold colors like red or orange. Those colors expected to bring the excitement feeling for the owner. The consideration of giving a lot of opening space in the kitchen can’t be ignored. Lots of opening area in the kitchen gives more bright colors naturally from the sunlight. So the room looks more bright and cheerful. More than that, the opening space is able to maximize the lighting and the color effects of the free space in the kitchen. Before choosing the paint for the house or even only for the kitchen, adjust the theme of the home first. The theme will carry the atmosphere of the home itself. Applying paint color based on the theme is a creative idea. For example the theme is natural, so just apply the blue paint colors for the home. The other theme idea is chic and girly theme, apply pastel color on it. After finding the theme, look for the right color and mix with the needs and the taste. There are many types of paint to get the best result. Choose the semi glossy paint. That paint is hard, strong, scratched resistance and rubbing resistance. Those characteristics are ideal for kitchen because it’s easily to clean. The dirt will disappear by wiping it. Basically, bright colors, like white or beige are the best paint color ideas for kitchen.

yellow paint colors for kitchen

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