Pros and Cons of Black Pearl Granite Countertops

black and white tile kitchen floor

As you know, black pearl granite countertops can deliver aesthetic and gorgeous in your kitchen. the design is just limitless and suitable for any kitchen design and themes. Nevertheless, the countertops also can be used as a beautiful focal point within your kitchen somehow. However, there are also some potential drawbacks you should keep in mind as you consider this kind of countertops for your kitchen. Following are pros and cons between them. Check these ones out!

black and white tile kitchen floor

Reasons to choose black pearl granite countertops

As you know, black pearl granite is rich of beauty than other countertops materials. This natural product offer a great aura and also appealing. It can make your kitchen look more luxurious visually. It’s also sometimes used as the kitchen centerpiece. With many granite shades to work with, you will find the one that can blend perfectly in your black white kitchen walls, flooring or even cabinets.

Furthermore, granite is a hard substance which is not susceptible to any scratched. Since it cannot work with dull knifes, it will be nice to tear and wear quite well. It also resist to heat, therefore placing it around the cook top is just perfect.

Moreover it also resist to stain and will never absorb any liquids when it’s appropriately sealed. A professional granite installer will be able to seal it correctly to maintain its attractive look. If you hate cleaning your kitchen, then granite countertops is a great option as well.

black and white kitchen floor tiles

Reasons to be careful about black pearl granite countertops

Even though granite has great durability and beauty, they also have some drawbacks you will need to consider. It will be more cautious especially when the countertop is not properly sealed or the sealer is wearing off without resealed the counter as well.

In addition, they are also porous. It means that poorly sealed or even unsealed countertops can absorb oil, juice or other liquids that can produce stain which is hard to remove. Inadequately sealed countertops can also harbor bacteria within the granite pores. Treated granite can last for more than ten years without sealer. However, they have to be resealed on a yearly basis to prevent stains.

Just because they are durable, a heavy object which is dropped over it can chip or crack the granite surface as well. Besides that, the price of granite countertops is also expensive. You should expect to pay more than $100 up to $250 per square foot of your black pearl granite countertops.

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