Recommended Kitchen Color Ideas with Oak Cabinets

kitchen color schemes with oak cabinets

Are you making effort in finding kitchen color ideas with oak cabinets? Do you consider kitchen cabinets using oak as the material influencing overall kitchen interior color theme? Working on color theme for kitchen design is rather complex. Kitchen design bears values as they emphasis more functionality in kitchen activities, rather than aesthetic emphasis. Comparatively, other rooms like bedrooms or living rooms requires specifically eye-catching color theme since their interior nuance are fully to be enjoyed. Kitchen design, on the other hand, requires complex color design that works for both aesthetic and functional emphasis. Kitchen color design needs to be beautiful in appearance and in the same time enhancing appetites. Also, it needs to trigger mood of excitement especially when working on kitchen activities. In the case of kitchen with oak cabinetry, particular color design are more recommended.

kitchen color schemes with oak cabinets

Consideration in using oak for cabinet material

Woods are common main material for kitchen cabinetry, including pine, teak and oak. As for oak, in particular, it has been more popular since it has several quality compared to other wood types. Firstly, oak is long-lasting. Oak is a very strong and solid material that can be used for a durable furniture design. Not to mention, furniture using oak as its material will be invulnerable to damage, tearing, wearing and scratching. Oak kitchen cabinets especially are resistant to interaction with kitchen appliances, spots from foods within storage as well as water splash from kitchen sink. In short, using oak cabinets is the best choice for durability. Secondly oak enhances cabinet’s appearance. Oak is a unique wood with easy-to-paint grain. The quality of oak is that it can absorb color paint easily, as well as keeping color design longer. This benefit allows you to work on various kitchen color palettes and scheme wit oak cabinets more easily.

kitchen color ideas with oak cabinets

Working out color design on oak cabinets

            There are best recommended choice when color scheme in your kitchen design.  You can work with neutral color like black, white or grey. Neutral color will be matching to oak cabinet since it gives the idea of modesty and simplicity. Especially when you apply kitchen color schemes with white cabinets instead of naturally-colored oak, black and dark grey will be beneficial in enhancing the elegance look in your kitchen and cabinets. Other theme like natural green or dark blue are also recommended giving your kitchen color schemes with oak cabinets natural but antique design value.

kitchen paint color ideas with oak cabinets

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