The Modest Kitchen Countertops: St Cecelia Granite

st cecelia granite

When it comes to designing your kitchen, St Cecelia Granite would be a modest yet glamorous and modern pick for your kitchen countertops. This particular stone is one of the most favored natural granite, which originates from Brazil. A little history, Santa Cecilia is said to be a Christian Martyr and is the patroness for church melody. Other industrial names for this particular and beautiful stone are Giallo Cecelia, St. Cecilia Classic, or just a simple Santa Cecilia, and in several stone yards it is called “Venetian Gold”. The picturesque rock is named after Santa Cecilia and it is quarried around Sao Paolo in Brazil.

It has a picturesque main color which is beige background with golden, and dark grey veins with a little touch of burgundy. The gold color is usually found in the lower depth and it is known to be that way because of millions of years of oxidation. And the lighter colored granite is mined from larger depth which is why the gold color fades and the stone has a whiter shade.

Granites are one of the very old types of stones ever to be mined from God’s green earth and Santa Cecilia has all the goodness of its type. It is long-lasting, thick and is in fact very hard. Because of that it is often used for many interior and or exterior designs such as walls, landscape features, back-splashes, countertops, or even fireplaces.

St Cecilia granite countertops would be a fine addition in your home. Each slab is unique one and another so it is hardly that you will find the same print on two pieces. Because of each slab is different and has a unique pattern and has a relatively affordable price, Santa Cecilia is pretty favored among home designers and of course homeowners. For a list of affordable prices one can search on the internet and use “Santa Cecilia Classic” as the search term.

It is guaranteed that it will give you a warm atmosphere with its unique and original look especially in your kitchen. Keep in mind that it would be even more perfect with a surface which is gloss polished. The unpredictable pattern and combinations of its color will fit superbly in kitchens with modern and glamorous look or even a more traditional and modest style. St Cecelia granite would be so amazing that you will love your kitchen more than you love your wife.

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