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The Painting Color Combination for Baby’s Bedroom

baby girl room decorating ideas

If you are thinking about the baby room painting ideas, the important thing to concern is the color makes the kids comfortable and relaxing. Even though baby hasn’t understood about the decoration and the color for the painting, but parents must give the full attention to the design. Parents must determine the design, the color, and the style for the baby’s bedroom. Before painting the baby’s bedroom, you need to know the color and pattern that usually used for the baby’s bedrooms. Here are some baby room decor ideas :

  • Stripes

The pattern of stripe is the good idea to decorate the baby girl’s bedroom. The stripe lines give the fun impression. The most important thing to concern is the right color for the lines. The stripes patterns can be combined with bright colors. Either bright and dark color like black or brown can create the line for the stripe wall. For more attractive, the combination of orange with hot pink, pink, white, red, red pink, and lavender and ivory, or pale yellow are stressing the colors for the lines. For the first time, you have to pain the wall with light color, and then you can use the tape in order to make the line with certain size such as 10 inches and paint the marking side with the bright color. After the painting is dry, remove the mark. Then the stripe line is in your wall. More than that, you can use the similar color to create the other line. So each line in the wall they have different color. Or it is also possible to paint the wall with zigzag line pattern with two or three colors for the line, and the colors of the lines must be contrast with the background of the wall. Pink and purple is the great combination for the line. Besides, yellow and pale orange is also matching for the bright yellow background.

baby boy room decorating ideas

  • Blue color

The detail of soft blues with the addition of some small-sized furniture is triggering a feminine vibe throughout this bright bedroom. Mirror reflects the natural light, natural linens, completed with the neat white carpet is appropriate for baby’s girl bedroom.

baby boy decorating room ideas

  • Blue and orange

Blue and orange sometimes can be the great combination. But it must be careful because if the pattern and the amount for the color is not balance, the design will be bad. It’s better to put a small dosage for the combination of both colors. The fact, orange color can give the fantastic effect to the eye, especially for baby, this color combination is suitable for baby girl or baby boy. The baby room painting ideas create the classic simple atmosphere to the room.

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