Tips for Kitchen Counters Decor

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Decor for kitchen counters becomes the main aspect in kitchen design. It will give the whole image of the kitchen since countertops can assimilate with the design of the kitchen. Cooking will be an enjoyable activity if you have a beautiful space and efficient counters in the kitchen. Decorate kitchen cabinets may seem expensive and complicated if you do not have any ideas, but actually there are some options that you can adapt to create a spacious look in your kitchen.

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Beautiful Kitchen Counter

It is quite simple to decorate kitchen counters once you know the tips and colors combination. The function of the counters should be maintained but still it has an elegant look to make the whole room attractive. If you want a durable material for countertops that will give traditional effects you can use tiles combined with lighting and fixtures in comtemporary styles. The wall paint  can be in soft color such as lighter brown or cream that can be mixed with tiles in the similar color.

You also can use black and white colors combination to give a modern decor. Use black color as the countertop and white color as the wall. Again, if you want durable materials to give elegant looks, you can use tiles on the wall that will give classy impression.

Wall paint and wallpaper with various patterns also can be used to combine with the countertops. This will give harmony to the whole kitchen if you can balance the counter design with things related to it.

how to decorate the top of kitchen cabinets

Other Tips to Consider                                          

If you have done with styling the counter and the walls or fixtures, you have to extend the design to get the maximum function of the counter itself. You can use appliances that can give decorative impacts, such as jars, blenders, mixers, milk jugs, and other things that have the same concept as the counter’s decor. You can choose colorful appliances such red, blue or yellow to make the kitchen live. Save your food stuffs such as bread, cookie, cans and other on the storage in the bright color that matches to the countertop. Cake stands also can be used to store sink stuffs such as sponge and soap and prepare other cake stands for ingredients. These small touches will give neat feels so that your stuff are stored in the right place yet still look stylish. Dim lights also can be added to make darker lighting if you want a warm atmosphere around your kitchen.

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