U-Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas Tips

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Are you searching for kitchen design ideas gallery in the internet or other source? If you have a busy and well-frequented kitchen, a kitchen with U-shaped design could be great. The kitchen is suitable especially if your kitchen space is tight. It also can be used as a space to have many cooking activities.

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What’s a u-shaped kitchen?

The u-shaped kitchen is built along three walls of your room. The triangle work of the kitchen can be expanded in various ways as well. You can actually put some kitchen appliances along with the sink, the stove in the middle of kitchen and a countertop for cooking activities. You can also extend it diagonally three walls that will give yourself plenty of mobility and space.

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When should you choose the u-shaped kitchen?

The U-shaped kitchen design images will need a large sized to medium room with three free walls. Make certain that you have sufficient space to freely move around, opening the cabinet doors and working between walls triangle. It is also a great option when there is the possibility in which more than one person is going to use the kitchen.

Things you should keep in mind

  • You may find it’s hard to squeeze a dining table along with the chairs but you can try to extend one of the table legs into U bar.
  • If you want to place a kitchen island, make certain that there are at least three and a half up to 4 feet space between the island and surrounding cabinets.
  • If you plan to have more storage, you can make use corner cabinets to use the kitchen layout as well.

kitchen design images small kitchens

Kitchen Island to u-shaped kitchen layout

In terms of visual and functional appeal, a kitchen island goes perfectly with u-shaped kitchen design photos layout. However, you have to make sure that there’s sufficient room for it. You will need room to walk easily around the kitchen island and opening the cabinet doors and other activities. You can use the island as additional working space that allows you to intermingle with more friends and family.

Work the kitchen look

The u-shaped kitchen design plans large surface area means that there are plenty of shutters that could possibly disintegrate any potential repetitiveness. If your kitchen space is low on light, try to choose wood finishes or lighter neutral colors to calm down the overall impact. Otherwise, if your kitchen space is large, you can opt for bold colors to the kitchen design ideas gallery.

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Gallery of U-Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas Tips

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