Using Laminate Countertop Colors for Durable Design

laminate kitchen countertops colors

Are you considering choosing laminate countertop colors for your kitchen countertop design? Do you prefer such synthetic material for your kitchen’s countertop? Actually, choosing countertop material is a very essential step in your kitchen design. Material choice is influential to almost all design factors, such as countertop quality, color theme as well as design budget. Different materials offer rather different countertop quality and beauty level. Also, different materials have significant influence to countertop color and to overall kitchen interior color theme. In the case of budget, high quality material like granite will simply increase your design cost, while simple material like wood is suitable for lower budget. As for laminate, it has been commonly used for cabinet’s countertop since it solves a lot of problem. Laminate is a good material choice that gives balance to quality, color and budget. Understanding laminate and where to get it will be helpful in designing your kitchen countertops.

lowes laminate countertops colors

Quality of laminate as countertop material

            Laminate is widely preferred for countertops for several reasons. First, laminate is easy to install. The simple and light structure as a synthetic material makes it easy to cut and shape during installation. Thus it is easily matched with countertop size and it is practical if you are a DIY-designer of your countertop. Secondly, laminate is available in many style and colors. If you refer to laminate pictures on Home Depot or Lowes, you are served with numerous choices of laminate colors. You can use laminate to imitate a lot of different materials. Thirdly, laminate is money-saving. Using laminate is very cheap rather than employing other materials like teak, oak, granite or marble. In other words, laminate is the best choice when you are working on your design on a little budget. Moreover, since you can install yourself, you can save more from professional decorator budget.

wilsonart laminate countertops colors

Laminate style and design choice

            As stated above, laminate is available in various color and design choice. Firstly, you can pick wood-like laminate. Referring to, laminate of oak, teak, chestnut, acacia, pine and cherry look are available. Such laminate is more durable rather than the real wood material for your countertop. Secondly, you can work laminate for high quality materials. Laminates that look like granite are very suitable to replace granite for your countertop materials. Laminate of granite can be an cheaper alternative when you want to keep luxurious countertop within limited budget. For more color and material information you can access laminate photos in home design retailers like Home Depot, Lowes and eBay.

colors of laminate countertops

Gallery of Using Laminate Countertop Colors for Durable Design

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