“What Are Shaker Cabinets?”

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What are shaker cabinets? It might be one of the questions which appear in the talk of shaker cabinets. You need to know that shaker cabinets currently are trend in the kitchen design ideas. It is known for its simple looks which can use for classic and contemporary style. Let’s check the details!

what are shaker style cabinets

Brief Introduction

The Shakers are the distinctive style of furniture which developed during the American colonial erain the 1770s. They belief that in the design has to include three principles: simplicity, honesty, and utility. That’s why Shakers furniture focused on creating a simple and functional proportion. They avoid any flourishes additional such as metal pulls, carvings, inlays, or veneers.

One of the Shakers furniture products is shaker cabinets. The characteristics of shaker cabinets are usually refer to the style of the door. It is designed with flat paneled doors using rail frames. The cabinets design also focus on its utility and constructed with high quality wood to keep the durability. The cabinet materials usually use northeastern American wood such as maple, cherry, hickory, and oak.  

Featuring with Granite Countertops

You know that Shakers cabinets design has its long history of classic time. So, you can say that what is a country kitchen looking for can be shaker cabinets. But don’t get tricked, Shakers design can be surprisingly match well for contemporary and modern kitchen style.

In designing your kitchen style, most of people choose white Shakers cabinets and granite as countertops. But you might wonder what color of granite goes with white cabinets, right? You don’t have to be so confused. Since the white color of cabinet added by simple design of Shakers, you can match it with any kind of granite colors. Absolute black granite might be work the best. The contrast look of black and white will help to bring more modern and stylish look in your kitchen. Don’t stop there! You can also match with white or grey granite to enhance the soft and calm look of your kitchen.

what color is walnut wood

You can also use natural wood tones for your Shaker cabinets such as walnut wood. What color is walnut? Walnut tends to has dark brown with clear grained patterns. This kind of cabinets will match well with creamy white granite to create a calm and classic feeling. Or you can go with strong look with dark granite to create a unique kitchen design.

Since Shaker cabinets have simple and clean looks, you need additional touch to enhance the looks. Granite countertops can be what are shaker cabinets has been looking for. Granite somehow will give an elegant and luxurious contrast to simple Shakers design. Don’t you agree?

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