What to Consider Before Installing Kitchen Counter Backsplash

images of kitchen backsplash tile

Kitchen counter backsplash is available in various colors, materials and styles that can add visual appeal and protect your kitchen wall from cleaning and cooking spatter. If you contemplate a kitchen counter backsplash for your kitchen, first of all you should determine which materials you are going to use. Most common countertops materials can actually feature a connected backsplash both for kitchen initial design feature and addition to it. The key difference between a kitchen counter backsplash and traditional wall-attached backsplash is that the counter backsplash is attached to the countertop whether through adherence or molded design. For this reason, several cost-effective and simple counter backsplashes are made from synthetic materials such as Formica and laminate that can be shaped easily to create a countertop that’s featured with attached backsplash.

Kitchen counter backsplash measurement

When it comes to kitchen counter decorating ideas, be sure you have selected appropriate materials. Higher-end materials like stones and granite need to be cut down and also measured individually from the countertops and then affixed after installing the countertops. It’s feasible to cut the stone countertops with backsplash affixed, but the process is more labor exhaustive and expensive. If you have decided the materials for the kitchen countertop, then it’s time to make out accurately how much material you need. You can actually calculate the countertops and backsplash by simply calculating the square footage you will need to cover and you are going to find out how much material to supply. Just remember that for a connected backsplash or countertop combination, two measurements will be separated therefore you need to report the materials.

Sourcing materials

When you have measurement your material needs, then it’s time to source the materials for your kitchen countertop choices. You are going to have lots of options as many home improvement stores sell various backsplash and countertop materials. You are also able to scrutinize a by vast selection online, or countertop specialty store.

Starting the project

Now that you have got the countertop and backsplash materials, it’s your turn to start your project. You will have two options when it comes to install your backsplash or countertop. You can hire a professional or even install it by yourself. In common, kitchen countertop laminate are simply advanced installation, typically is they involve materials sizing and cutting. If you’ve never installed countertop before, it would be the best to hire a professional. You might pay more, but you will be able to save your time and can rest assured that the kitchen counter backsplash job has been done based on your requirement.

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