White Cabinets Dark Countertops Details

white cabinet dark countertop

Do you install white cabinets for your kitchen room? Do you want to explore your kitchen looks? If so, white cabinets with dark countertops can be an option for your next project. The combination of light and dark shades is very popular in kitchen design ideas. Check it out!

Choosing the Countertops Materials

In choosing countertops materials, natural stones such as granites are the best option. Granites come in so many of colors from light until dark. The natural patterns of granites will create beautiful looks to your kitchen. It also comes with lots of benefits. Granites resist heats, stains, and scratches. You can easily clean it only with water mixed vinegar. Although it’s quite pricey, but granites are durable for decades so you can save your money in the future.

dark granite countertops white cabinets

For your kitchen design, the combination of white cabinets with black granite countertops will work well. The natural patterns of small white-pitted black granites blend very well with white cabinets. White and black is high contrast combination but have its own beauty. The white cabinets create classic and calm looks, but black add strong and modern touch into the kitchen. With this combination, you will create a stylish and elegant kitchen looks.

Choosing the Appliances

Choosing the appliances is important for your kitchen design. Stove, sink, and refrigerator are the most important appliances in kitchen design. They are the work-triangle which creates the function of the kitchen. Beside its function, they also can affect the overall looks of the kitchen. Choosing the right colors of appliances can be a tricky one. They need to blend with the main color of the kitchen, if not, it can destroy the looks.

white countertops with dark cabinets

In white cabinet ideas, dark appliances are usually the option. But white cabinets white appliances with dark countertops are also a good idea. To minimize the strong feeling from the black granite, you can add the white touch with your appliances. The light color of cabinets and appliances will make the room brighter and bring your focus into one. But the dark countertops will break your focus so the room will look livelier. The dark color also helps to elevate the light of the room.

Use white cabinets with dark countertops to transform you kitchen looks. If you love classic but want for more modern touch, white and dark combination is the best choice for your kitchen project. Pick it up then apply it!

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