White Countertops for Elegant Cabinetry

white countertop options

Are you trying to work on white countertops to make your kitchen cabinet look elegant? Are you considering white countertops being suitable for your kitchen cabinet design? Not to mention, designing your countertop is an important stage within kitchen cabinet design. Countertop is the most important element of cabinetry since it plays role as the finishing of kitchen cabinets. Since cabinetry is the core design elements of a kitchen interior, countertop is the core sight that reveals the beauty of cabinet’s color scheme. Moreover, kitchen cabinet becomes exclusively essential with its function to embed kitchen sinks, backsplash, and food storages. As for white countertop, it becomes really recommended for its color scheme quality of accommodating and simplicity. White by nature becomes easily blended with other color scheme design as well as making countertop easy to fit within interior color. Also, white color scheme is very simple and easy to manage, whether through countertop and cabinet paint or through the choice of naturally white materials. Understanding the value of white countertops will bebeneficial as design reference for your kitchen’s interior.

White countertops values for kitchen cabinets

White countertop simply employ white color scheme that have several color scheme values, either through countertop paint or countertop materials. First of all, white color scheme is naturally simple. White color scheme choice will represent the idea of simplicity, modesty yet elegance. The point of making your white countertop is to give message of modest interior with elegant nuance. Secondly, white color scheme is very important as the common ground of other color schemes. In other words, white scheme can be easily fit into different interior color, such as possibly black wall and floor in dual tone design, grey and black wall in antique design as well as brown or green scheme in natural kitchen design. Placing white countertop among this interior’s color scheme is easy and even boosting the existing color scheme values.

Working on white countertops through material choice

Since employing white color scheme through white countertop, you can easily work it out through several white countertop options. The most luxurious choice will be granite. White granite countertop will be very valuable since the color scheme is natural and elegant, and easy to maintain. However, if you have low budget, marble will be a nice alternative. Marble countertop can be as beautiful as granite, but its weakness is that it’s easy to stain from liquid materials. For other affordable choice, laminate can imitate granite color and is cheaper while woods need to be painted or whitewashed for white countertops. All of these options can found easily in IKEA, Home Depot or Lowes for white countertops.

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