White Country Kitchens for Traditional Taste

how to distress kitchen cabinets white

Are working on designing white country kitchens with their traditional arrangement? Are you also maintaining their white color scheme to keep the simplicity of their color design? Well, working with country kitchen is rather a complex matter for its original design. Country kitchen by nature often employ vintage but functional kitchenware and appliances along with simple color. Island or dining table is rather essential and obligatory in its interior arrangement. Meanwhile, color scheme choice is often found rustic, antique or pattered with solid palette. For such cases, designs that work best for country kitchen are automatically traditional designs, vintage designs or antique designs. As for color scheme choice, white color design is very matched with the idea of simplicity within traditional kitchen. White color design can be easily applied among traditional kitchen elements and furniture. Also, white color design can boost traditional kitchen’s simplicity and space maximization. In short, working on white country design will be both functional and beautiful even in the case of simple color scheme.

white distressed kitchen cabinets

White color scheme in country kitchen

As has been mentioned, the nature of country kitchen is its vintage design elements as well as its simple coloring scheme. The nature of country design can be seen from its elements of furniture arrangement and interior color scheme. First, in country kitchen’s furniture set, the core parts will be both cabinetry and island. Cabinet is simply essential as the station of various appliances, sinks and also storage. Meanwhile, island in country kitchen is exclusively obligatory since island function as a gathering spot like dining table. This is in line with the country kitchen’s main idea of warmth and comfort of family gathering and dining. As for white color scheme, it is the most common scheme applied within country kitchen reflected especially through kitchen furniture. Rustic white cupboards, for example can be easily found in country kitchen interior. The reason will be that white boosts kitchen’s simplicity as well as gives an open airy space for larger interior.

how to distress white kitchen cabinets

Modifying white: distressed cabinets

Though country kitchen is devoted to its simple white color scheme, contemporary trends tend to modify white color scheme by distressing it. Such idea is aimed to make a kitchen more traditional and antique. To work on white distressed kitchen cabinets, for example, you can follow some steps.

1.     Sand your cabinet with sand paper or sand block.
2.     Remove the stain and paint with rugs.
3.     Paint your cabinets with white paint
4.     When dry, distress the white paint with sanding block
5.     Reinstall your cabinet.

Gallery of White Country Kitchens for Traditional Taste

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