Yellow and Blue Kitchen Ideas

blue and yellow kitchen ideas

Yellow and blue kitchen is good combination that you can try especially if you would like to exude cheerful ambiance in the cooking area. Yellow can look good to be combined with wide variety of colours including blue. With various kinds of blue tones, you can create different ambiance in the kitchen when it is combined with yellow colour. Pastel blue mixed with pastel yellow for instance, can be good idea when you want to design kitchen with sense of traditional. Besides, if you go with lighter tones of blue and yellow, it is really effective to create fresh look such as by combining yellow and blue cabinet.

blue and yellow kitchens

Despite being combined with blue, yellow looks gorgeous to be combined with neutral colour such as white. Yellow and white kitchen for instance, happens to be a good combination if you want to invite warm feeling.  Combination of yellow and white colours often refers to traditional kitchen as well. You can apply yellow colour for all kitchen cabinets. To complete the look, combine the kitchen cabinet with cream walls. Meanwhile, you can apply white colour into kitchen backsplash. Besides, complete the look of cooking area with white marble countertop to give clean feel.

Adding yellow colour in the kitchen can be done in wide variety of ways such as through cabinet. Adding yellow cabinets in the kitchen can create pop up look especially if most area in the kitchen apply neutral colour. No matter on what colour to be combined with, cabinets with yellow colour always exude cheerful look in the kitchen. It is also good if you place this kind of cabinet to summer-themed kitchen. Besides, cabinet with yellow tone also looks good to be applied in particular style. For instance, it looks perfect in the kitchen which applies farmhouse style.

yellow and blue kitchens

Adding yellow colour also can be done through countertop or backsplash. There are many materials with yellow colours that can be used to make those parts. You can use wide variety of stones with yellow colours. For instance, you can use yellow granite to make the cabinet countertop. This will look really cool if it is used as the top of blue kitchen cabinet. Granite with yellow tone is also great to be applied for kitchen backsplash. Designing yellow backsplash and dark blue kitchen cabinet is one of interesting idea if you want to have a yellow and blue kitchen.

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