5 Apartment Decorating Ideas on A Budget

interior design ideas for apartments living room

Apartment decorating ideas on a budget should have the needed aspects too, like the look, the function, and, of course, budget too. This can be a little tough to find the ideas. The budget aspect is already too much to think about. Well, the following ideas will make super inspiration that meets all aspects.

new york apartment interior design ideas

Self Canvas Painting

Your plain wall needs some accents. You can try to paint several color combinations on a real big canvas and hang it on your wall. You can try super big canvas so it fills the whole available space. It makes the apartment full of art in most affordable way you can possibly do. It’s an apartment decorating on a budget.

Storage Side Table

Your small shelf can be used as side table too. Instead of filling the shelf with only books and magazines, you should consider displaying some of your collection on it and create attractive display from there. At last, put your side lamps on top of it. You already combine function with aesthetic for effective décor.

Plates on the Wall

If you have so many plates with little storage space, you should consider hanging them. Yes, this is so common on retro houses. You can choose more modern plates to hang for more modern look. It solves your less storage problems, and it also gives cute décor on your wall. Just be careful so you can hang it safely in appropriate way.

modern interior design ideas for apartments

Use the Mittens

If you have several mittens with missing pairs, you should use them as décor instead. Stack them with glue on the back of a frame. Give contrasting background color on the frame. This will make super cute and unique wall hangings. Be creative in mixing and matching colors. Contrasts will do great on it. Just be brave.

Candles Décor

Use candles for décor. You should group three to four candles in different sizes but the same colors on a candle plate or glass on a vacant space like coffee table or drawers tops. You can also use multi colors candles for more fun and younger look. The candles will add sophistication in the room.

Those ideas are not only interesting, good looking, and affordable. They are fun too. They make plain apartment looks a lot more warm and comfortable as well as fancy at once. If you want a change on your apartment, you should try applying one or two of those apartment interior design ideas.

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