5 Charming Ideas for Above Kitchen Cabinet Decor

kitchen decor above cabinets

Above kitchen cabinet decor is an excellent plan to fill gaps on those awkward spaces. Instead of being plain, you should try to add something personal on it. It can change the whole look of your kitchen. The following ideas may fit your like and need.

ideas for decorating above kitchen cabinets

Metal Basket Organizing

Set up several metal baskets on top and fill it with several things you never have space to store them into. The metal basket makes clear look so you can see what is in there, and it looks fancy as you display a fun organizing system. Plus, it is easy to clean so you don’t have additional troubles.

Wine Shelves

You can ask someone to custom made your wine shelves and set it up there. It will improve your kitchen look into something sophisticated and warm. The shelve and bottles will give you elegant yet simple look you can only find in a bi family house. Those bottles are already the nicest detail on your above kitchen cabinet décor.

Photos Display

Put several photo frames on different sizes there and add several items like candle, flowers in vase, little souvenirs or other things. It will make a very personal corner. It also makes your kitchen a lot more personal and intimate. It creates warm atmosphere in your kitchen. You can use the frames to display family photos or several artworks you get from the gallery.

Recipe Books Shelve

If you like cooking and you read a lot of cooking books, you should change the space into your additional book shelves. It doesn’t only look super good with all of those colors and variation on book sizes. It will also easy and fast enough for you to reach your book while cooking. It makes the kitchen alive.

decorations for above kitchen cabinets

Collection Display

If you like travelling and collect souvenirs from so many places, you should display them in your kitchen too. Those vacant spaces will look entirely different with all of those colors. It also makes a different look on your kitchen as it also plays the role of your personal display room.

Those ideas are simple and easy to do, but they carry personal style and different detail in your kitchen. The room will be livelier and welcoming. You can also try your own ideas. Don’t think too much and just be spontaneous. You can improve your kitchen function and look just by having fun with your above kitchen cabinet decor.

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