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6 Hottest Trends on Art Decor Interior Design

what is art deco interior design

Art deco interior design has been a great idea for décor since decades. If you like the idea, you share the same interest with millions of people. This design is so popular during the 30s and 40s. However, it remains nice to have until today. If you need some ideas on this, the following designs are the hottest trends on this style you should adopt.

modern art deco interior design

Geometric and Bold Wallpaper

This style is known for its bold energy. You should represent this from your wallpaper. For instant change on your interior look, you should use only wallpaper with bold colors and geometric pattern on it. Many of art nouveau interior design suggests you to make combination on this too for more elaborated look.

The Safaris

During the time, African safaris were so popular, all people wanted to go and brought back a lot of souvenirs. Take this into your interior by using animal printed fabrics for chair cover, table cloth, or rugs. Don’t cover all space with this, choose specific areas for it.

Art Everywhere

They style name is derived to appreciation on art work. You should fill your interior design with art work like sculpture side lamp, bedroom furniture with ornate, paintings made of bold oil. You should becareful not to go too bohemian on this. Those two styles share the same interest on art.

art deco interior design ideas

Use Bold Colors

Bold colors are the key of this interior style. You can use this for your wall, cushion and sofa color, your linens, or your furniture. Several recommended colors include maroon, deep royal blue, gold, soil brown, and other bold colors you can imagine. Do some mixing and matching on this for sophisticated look.

Egyptian Curse

In this interior style, you need your room to be regal. For this look, you should use several elements in Egyptian style. It can be your bed with very Egyptian headboard, lights, chairs, and tables. Don’t forget to use regal colors too on those details. You will feel like you are in a ancient palace.

art deco interior design history

Distinct Lines Drama

You should also try to cover your furniture like chairs, ottoman, and sofas, or even your mattress with linens featuring distinct lines. Try colorful but frown colored stripes, zigzag, or chevrons. It will complete your plain bold color details in the room.

Those ideas are not only stylish and so creative. They are surprisingly easy to do even for those who are new on this. It takes your house into a whole different level. You should try those ideas and experience some artistic designs for living.

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