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Five Themes Ideas for Baby Girl Room Decor

baby girl room theme ideas

The baby girl room decor ideas have various types. If you choose the bright color for the room, it can make them more comfortable and calm. It’s important to make the room with the harmonious design. The baby girl room decorations are possible to design with the modern with furniture made of metal or iron. It is also possible to design with traditional style by choosing the blanket, curtains and the wallpaper with the bright color but traditional style such as wood furniture. There are 5 baby girl room themes such as

girl baby room themes

  1. Disney theme

The theme for the baby girl bedroom can use the Disney characters such as Snow Princess, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and many more. The parents can determine the best and the appropriate character for the baby girl.

  1. Animals theme

For baby girl, animals theme is also applicable. The wallpaper or accessories with pictures tigers, giraffes, elephants, monkey, and hippo can be the option for the theme of the baby girl bedroom.

  1. Fairy tale theme

Fairy tale theme is one of the favorite themes for baby girls’ bedroom. Generally, all baby, whether boy or girl are happy with the fairy tale. So, parents can decorate baby girl room with the favorite fairy tales such as Cinderella, Snow White, or Rapunzel. In addition, the nuance for the baby girl room is also cheerful with the other character such as Ariel, the Mermaid. The wallpaper of Princess Ariel also adorns the walls of the room to give the impression of the blue sea.

themes for baby girl rooms

  1. Water theme

Water is the inspiring and surprising element for bedroom theme. Water can create the effect of the sea in the room. And it is an interesting and fun idea. Parents can give the picture of sea animals such as seahorses, dolphins, starfish, and so on as the decoration of the baby bedroom.

unique baby girl room themes

  1. Sport theme

Sport theme is not only applicable for boy. It’s also great for the baby room ideas. Although sport theme is a typical scene, it is a good idea to design the room for the lovely baby. Parents can give the image of the favorite sport such as football, baseball, and basketball. Maybe when parents apply the sport theme for the baby’s room, parents have the expectation that the child will love the sport too. To create the design of baby girl rooms ideas, parent must be creative.

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