How to Coordinate Paint Color with Kitchen Colors with Cherry Cabinets

kitchen wall colors with cherry cabinets

You may be surprised that choosing kitchen colors with cherry cabinets are somewhat challenging. As you know, the designs of modern kitchen combine texture and colors to create an inviting and warm spaces. When it comes to select color for your kitchen, you may want to coordinate them with your cabinets made of woods like cherry, maple and many others. Many wood cabinets also have earth tones like walnut, maple and oak which harmonize with neutral colors. Deep hues and bright colors ass visual interest to your kitchen design. you can utilize a color wheel to choose which colors to coordinate with your kitchen cabinets.

paint colors with cherry cabinets

Distinct colors

You can actually coordinate the cabinetry with wall paint by choosing paint colors which are on the opposite sides within the color wheel. Since most cabinetry is made of golden or brown wood varieties, try to choose paint colors which are opposite gold and brown within the color wheel. Those include soft gray, turquoise, gray-green, medium blue, aquamarine and teal. Shades of real green may be appropriate for your kitchen colors with maple cabinets. For your information, distinct colors are complementing each other since they look brighter and cleaner than when they are paired with some neutrals.

Balancing colors

Choose a color that could harmonize with your cabinets, countertops and also backsplash. Because these features are permanent, therefore you will need color-friendly paint color which is able to blend with those elements altogether. Choose a paint shade which closely matches to the wood grains of your cabinets, a piece of your backsplash tiles or your countertops fleck. Opt for muted paint kitchen colors with wood cabinets to create statement like taupe, soft mocha, pale aqua, salmon, subdued yellow or ivory. Avoid using dark colors that would shrink your kitchen size as well as conflicting with your eternal features.

kitchen colors with cherry cabinets


Opt for colors which aesthetically unite your cabinet colors with hardware, kitchen furniture, appliances, accessories and also window treatment. Go for warm colors like the colors of your cabinetry to achieve cozier kitchen vibe. If you have stainless steel appliances whereas the accessories are brightly colored, try to select colors like soft cherry, icy blue, lavender, aqua, or even china blue to harmonize your cabinetry and décor. Avoid using overly bright colors that can possible overpower your furnishing and cabinets.

Tremendous cabinet colors

Choose light colors for your kitchen wall if your cabinets are painted dark like ebony and mahogany. Cabinetry with dark woods requires contrasting light colors for the wall to brighten and open the kitchen space.  Opt for icy blue, sea foam green, aquamarine, tan, beige, ivory or pale yellow to lighten up your kitchen colors with cherry cabinets.

what color granite goes with cherry cabinets

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