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country style decorating ideas for living rooms

Decorating decks may become a complex activity if you do not have much budget and any ideas to adapt. If you are still confused on what style you want to apply for your decks, simply look at the decorating ideas for living rooms since both of the rooms are connected to each other and are quite similar. You have to have the same concept for both of the decks and living room to avoid contrast design. Moreover, both have the same room characteristic, that is, giving home guests the first impression of the whole home. Here we give you some ideas on decorating modern decks and living room that can attract you to relax at your own home instead of going out to five stars hotel.

ideas for decorating living rooms

Decks Decor

Modern style does not always mean expensive since you can also use natural touch combined with contemporary style to create an elegant deck. Decorating a privacy fence can be one of the best ideas for your deck. This privacy can give more beauty to your outdoor decks, such as using nature source as your natural fence. The fence can be in the forms of stone or bamboo walls, bushes and tall flower beds to make your decks private and natural. The modern touch can be applied on the fixtures you use, such as the benches, the tables, and the hang lamps. Tall pots with raised flowers, tall trees can be give effects on privacy and function as fence that will save more money rather than using metal fence on your decks.

rustic decorating ideas for living rooms

Living room Decor

When we talk about about decks, it is all about outdoor decor. Living room as the place to relax ourself and welcome our home guest can be categorized as indoor part of the house. Decorating ideas for living rooms should consider the interior, the walls accents, and the fixtures. Wall decoration can surprise your guest when you use unique colors and textures or arts such as zigzags and stripes,. If you have carried modern style as your decks, you can adapt this to your living room by using the same scheme, such use using purple, dark gray, and brown color that have been familiar to give modern touch. Decorating designs for living rooms can be very interesting if you like mixing and matching colors. For example, you can combine turquoiseblue color on the side of fireplace and gray colors on other walls side. Add some simple touches such as flower pot and unique paintings above your fireplace to make your living room natural and modern.

Gallery of Modern Decks and Livingroom Designs

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