Tips for Creating Unique Country Kitchen Ideas

french country kitchen decorations

When it comes to create country kitchen ideas, it means that you should have friendly and casual kitchen space with some reproduction and some antiques where your friends and family can gather to enjoy great conversation and wonderful dinner. Your kitchen space will not only function as preparing meal spot but also could be the most popular room in your house. When you are about to create country kitchen, first of all you should feature colors and natural materials. Moreover, you should also have comfortable furnishings which are welcoming and warm. In general, country kitchen is making use open shelves, cupboards for storage and also plate racks. Your reproduction or antique plates also can be displayed on the open shelve. Furthermore, the pots should be made of stainless steel, cast iron and copper without any ornamentation.

country style kitchen decorating ideas


Cabinets within country kitchen is generally made from natural materials wit distressed finish and ceramic or round knobs that will add your country kitchen style. You can imitate the cabinetry through country kitchen pictures in magazines or internet. The cabinets are commonly made of distressed, naturally-finished and painted pine could be a nice key element within your country design.

Color and material for countertop and flooring

The colors and materials used for countertop and flooring are such an essential elements to achieve a country look. For the countertop, you can use hand-painted tiles, marble, stone, slate or ceramic tiles. If you consider using laminate materials, keep in mind to opt for plain colors for the coverings. Wood, brick stone and terracotta tiles are popular flooring material option in country kitchen.

french country kitchen decorating ideas

The kitchen island

As many people assume that a kitchen island is an important part in a kitchen, make certain to include it within your country kitchen too. The island can be used for preparing food. If your kitchen space is limited, consider going for a rolling butcher block which can be moved to the well-located location as you wish


Since country kitchen is always rustic, take into account that you should use some warm and old colors. Some neutral colors like bone or white can work well as red bams, blues and greens and also some earth tones. They are all properly fit for your country style décor.

modern country kitchen decorating ideas


Based on country kitchen Pinterest, the decoration of country style generally uses wallpaper and stencil. In addition, stencil can be used around the windows or even in area where the ceiling and walls meet. It can also be used efficiently to add more country kitchen ideas and charming look.


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